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Waste Management - Major Goals and Principles

Simply, set of waste is really not the appropriate definition of waste management. It is all about set, transportation, processing, disposal or recycling and observation of waste how you can help products. And modern waste management companies are working with three important aims and principles.

Three key aims of rubbish removal are:

Protection of human beings & environment

Different types of waste create different forms of pollution. Whether it's air pollution or water pollution, you'll always find some type of waste responsible for it.

Conservation of resources

Most of people are conscious of this fact that generation of day-to-day utilities needs the use of oil, raw materials, time plus effort. Moreover, oil and raw materials are natural resources that are needed to conserve.

Precautionary Principle

Taking anticipatory action to stop harm due to waste is one of the chief aspects of precautionary principle. Other components comprise consideration of environmental impacts as time passes and complete price of health, public participation for decision making and much more.

Apart from three aims, there are three primary principles of waste management which includes the following:


Prevention is all about keeping control to the development of wastes.


Thus, with these principles and primary aims, new rubbish removal companies have been serving successfully crap management needs of persons in different sectors.

Disposal of wastes involves two main ways - landfill and incineration. Modern crap removal companies have been following both the methods of disposal. Incineration is the way of taking organic wastes to combustion to convert them into residue. And landfill is the way of burying wastes deep into the earth.


Among the greatest environmental-friendly initiatives is the recycling of waste materials. Bottles and glass containers and other type of junks can be easily brought into use. Great thing is that contributing for recycling means that you are saving natural resources in abundance.
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